Welcome to the National At-Risk Education Network-Wisconsin Chapter

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The National At-Risk Education Network (NAREN) is a private, non-sectarian, non-profit educational agency dedicated to both promoting the success of at-risk youth in our schools, and supporting the educators who work on their behalf. 


NARENWICH is the Wisconsin Chapter of the NAREN organization. NARENWICH strives to:

  • Meet the needs of students, parents, teachers, future teachers, administrators, and the general citizenry through a professional organization dedicated to the improvement of services to Wisconsin at-risk youth
  • Provide educational options that allow learners to develop their personal, academic, and career potential on a progressive path to becoming productive citizens
  • Provide technical assistance to practitioners
  • Be a change agent for the traditional education system
  • Represent the common interest of at-risk learning to the greater community
  • Provide professional development opportunities


NARENWICH meets the needs of parents, students, and educational professionals and is dedicated to the improvement of services and opportunities for at-risk youth. This includes recognizing and supporting learners to develop their personal and educational potential while acting as agents of change within the traditional education system.